Imagine Media Concepts requires all payments due promptly as stated on your invoice. We do not take responsibility for any of our client’s websites, videos, or other media.

Copyright and Royalty-Free Content: You are responsible for all licenses pertaining to media assets that will be used in your work. You are also responsible for providing all text and content that you have the approval to use. IMC is not responsible for any illegal content that you provide us to include in your work.

Refunds: No refunds.

Printing Mistakes: Imagine Media Concepts requires that you proof all print jobs thoroughly before giving us the okay to move forward to ordering printing. We do not take any responsibility for any typos, faulty colorings, or misprints.

Privacy: Imagine Media Concept does not sell or use your information in any way, shape, or form.

Domains Renewals: All renewals must be made before the deadline. If you miss the deadline, there is a $25 late fee within the first 2 weeks after it has been canceled. If you request to renew later than two weeks, you will be charged additional market rates charges to re-acquire the domain name.

Hosting Renewals: Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly hosting are due upon receipt and before the deadline. If you do not pay on time, there is a grace period of 30 days before the content on the hosting account is deleted. We are not responsible for archiving your site.

Any further questions please contact us.